A bridge without qualities

A Bridge Without Qualities.

featuring the work of Peter C. van Wyck

Emilie Allen & Kendra Besanger

“A Bridge Without Qualities” is an aural and visual meditation on Peter C. van Wyck’s “Footbridge at Atwater: A chorographic inventory of effects.”

van Wyck tells us a story about a small bridge that crosses the Lachine canal; a bridge unnoticed by many. His story situates us in a history unavailable in situ. From the vantage point of the bridge, van Wyck reminds us of the canal’s industrial and industrious origins, recalling its function in years past as a route and passage through Canada’s most industrialized region; and later, recalls the time when that function came to an end: when the canal became post-industrial. Like the site, the story builds, layer through layer, a history situated in materiality, residue, and objects: history is the site of the now.

To situate ourselves in the present, either at the bridge or off site, is to call upon any number of histories that reside on or under the bridge. Most of these stories, however, remain invisible. The images that accompany van Wyck’s story use contrast and layers to tell multiple stories simultaneously, interrupting notions of specific locality.

We welcome you to experience A Bridge Without Qualities and other Off the Page installations at Concordia University’s VAV Gallery between 5pm and 7pm, April 4th.

A very large thank you to both Peter van Wyck and Ben Spencer.

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